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Time for another BarBikeQue! Yeah yeah yeah… it may rain I know, but then I’ve never been a good planner. As usual we will bring some lights, bikes, food, and drinks.

Weather permitting:  Sunday Oct. 18 5:00 P.M. Boulder Park

Oak Cliff Nature Preserve    |   Sunday, July 31   |  6:00–9:30 p.m.

It’s time for another hot night on the trail and some grillin’ and swillin’. We’re bringin’ the grill and some bikes, too. Also, we’ll have some Trail LED lights to try out for those of you who want to play around with night riding. So nice to feel a cool breeze when you’re riding—you’ll have forgotten that it’s in the triple digits when you woke up.

We’re bringing our favorite racer, Ray Porter, out so you can ride with him the day after he does a 4-hour race. I only ride with him when he’s tired, and you can rest assured that I rode with him the day after he finished the Tour Divide. I absolutely CRUSHED him!

We will be doing a little swap meet during the Sylvan Thirty Farmers Market at 9:00 A.M. There will be room for about 25 to 30 tables so come on down and sell that bike in pieces that you thought you were gonna restore. Sell those parts you took off your old bike when you turned it into that color coordinated fixed whip, and that frame that you thought was the right size, or better yet sell that lemon that we sold you and won’t buy back.

No fee to set up.

Bring your own table, chairs, tent etc. if you like.

Snow cones will be on hand along with food and drink.

Sylvan in between I30 and Ft. Worth Drive here-ish

Email any questions or concerns to [email protected]

 We are going to raffle this cordon bleu beauty for Bastille Day July 14th. $10 a ticket for this Torker Boardwalk  26 a $269 value for $10, what a Bas”steal”!!! We are selling tickets at the shop now until 9:00 P.M. tomorrow. We will announce the winner at 9:30 P.M. You don’t have to be present to win. Your first ride can be the ride back to your car 12 blocks away.


Raceday Ray is on the way the month after May to Canada ey!

This is his second go at this daunting ride, and I feel that with my superior training tips he’ll complete it with ease. As per my training regimen, I think it’s best to send him off with a nice keg party, followed by a trip to Master Blasters for a night cap*. Come on down and join us in wishing him luck.

You can track Ray’s ride here.

*for training tips and tavern suggestions, email us at [email protected], because we’re never too busy.


Probably the first and last time I’ll be allowed to post a pic of a bunny on here. So look, stop by today or Saturday if you need something because the shop is closed on Sunday. We ARE meeting at OCBC at 10 a.m. to go on our 2nd annual Easter Ride. It’s going to be 50 miles or so (exact route to come). Jeremy has volunteered to massage Butt’r or ButtonHole on the male riders seeking some sweet relief. Ride this and then you can eat all the crappy candy you want.

With the gas light on in my car, I stopped at the Valero on Sylvan at I-30 and was stunned to pay $4.09 a gallon! Wow! At least buy me dinner before you bend me over. Since we all know gas boycotts don’t work, here’s a realistic alternative to combat rising fuel prices: buy a bike instead. Here. We’ll take three commuters we can special order and show you that it pays to pedal. The inspiration for this post came from Bike Rumor’s pic of the day.

All pricing is based on my $4.09 per gallon experience and the average gas tank being 20 gallons (range: Mini Cooper to a small SUV). 20 Gallons x $4.09 = $81.80. So let’s do the math:

6 fill-ups = $490.80. Or a Bianchi Milano Parco at $499.

5.5  fill-ups = $449.90. Or a Kona Dew at $429.

5.5  fill-ups = $449.90. Or a Torker T-300 at $449.

Don’t forget: To make commuting easier, every DART bus has a bike rack on the front and there’s bike spaces reserved on the light rail. Looking for a different bike? We have more styles in store or we can special order one from any of the brands we carry.


After you’ve slurped your civet coffee out of a recycled Tom’s shoebox coffee cup, come celebrate the glorious planet we live on by communing with actual nature. Ditch your road bike and stagnant city streets and get with some trees, creeks, and DIRT! I know it looks rainy but the trail needs a sip of water badly. I imagine that come Sunday, we’ll be clear for riding. We will have food grilling and drinks flowing, but feel free to bring yours as well.

Try out one of our MTB bikes we’ll bring along or bring your own and just ride with us.

Sunday, April 17, 4 p.m.–sunset.

Oak Cliff Nature Preserve

P.S.–Thanks for this shout out, Dallas Observer.

Repairing a flat tire on your bike is easy if you know what you’re doing. Come filthy your fingers and muck up your manicures FOR FREE at the shop’s tire changing class Wednesday, April 13, 7:30 p.m.



We are requesting a $20 donation from all who attend our BikeMS fundraiser. You’ll receive samples of micro-brewed beer and happy hour prices on special pizzas.




Win a 2011 Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Sora road bike ($924 retail).

$10 per raffle ticket.

Get yours at OCBC or at Eno’s during the fundraiser.




for everyone who pays the $20 door donation


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