Yeah, we’ll be opened on Francis Black Friday. While you’re out, these are some places we like to go to. I know I’m leaving a ton of places out. You know what’s around you, and if you don’t maybe you should give look around.

Wackyms Kitchen Who doesn’t like cookies? Salted Caramel, Margarita those are my faves. Pretty please Santa.

Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters Duh, coffee. I can tell you right now they fit in my stocking. (Hint hint)

F is for Frank Jewelry, hardware, custom… uh anything, check ‘em out.

Dolly Python  Since Jean Paul Gaultier shops there, I think you can find some wonderfulness too.

we are 1976  If you haven’t been, it’ll be your favorite new store.

Re-Geared Amazing artistic gifts made out of bicycle parts donated by us and some of your other favorite bicycle shops.

Oil and Cotton These lovely ladies can teach you how to make anything your imagination can dream of. I made a unitard for the shop cat.

Salvage House Boutique Beautiful vintage inspired dresses, and vintage furniture. You can also let this beautiful young lady restore, redesign or tailor your favorite threads. She put some awesome and stylish reflective details on a friends jacket so he is safer but doesn’t look like a road worker.

Sweet 200 The best hairdos to fix your hair don’ts and manicures for the cuticle blues in town. Grab your S.O. some product or a gift certificate cuz you know everyone wants to look like a million bucks for new years.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for try some of our friends KGS  Trinity  Transit  Bicycles Plus or Switching Gears.

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