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We finally got these sexy suits on our backs!  Your rides just got a bit safer and exponentially more kick ass thanks to the feel, reflectivity, and stellar design of these get-ups so get down on yer bikes. We of course sold out of these instantly and need to place a new order. Now, if you think you can handle the silly folks hatin’ and not understanding the world surrounding them or the flattery you be getting from the folks who do, then send us an email explaining how you are ’nuff legit to wear this kit and we will put you on a pre-order list after your initiation. We don’t like getting burned so we WILL NOT save you a kit if you don’t pre-pay, don’t trip! It’s not about a salary it’s all about reality.

We will post a link to pre-order in the coming weeks.

Thank you all who helped make it so perfect…

Amanda Pounds, “Commander” : Graphic Designer (not only did the layout of the kit, also did our logos and Oddfellows logos)

Marc Montoya : Photographer BillySurface

Robert Snedden : Hincapie Rep.

Dallas/Kristina : Gangster Modeling (last names left out for their protection)



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