Are you as Fred as me, or even more so? Well, we just got in a couple B&M Luxos U Dynamo lights from Peter White Cycles’ first shipment of this brilliant (the pun stays) new product! Not only is it a wonderfully wide spread of light, the U has a handle bar mount button to control functions and is also a USB port to charge devices - the greatest light EVER!!! So handy for long remote tours. My personal preference is to take an external battery that charges off the USB port and use it when your Garmin, iPod, rear light, phone, etc needs more juice. It’ll give your device a steady load rather than fluctuating with your speed. These sold out immediately, but we have one left at the moment. Peter says the next shipment is expected in a few weeks, so holler if you want us to save you one from our next batch of pre-orders. Also, we have a few other B&M dynamo lights on hand, and with the declining cost of hubs reaching as low as $47, it’s a great reason to rethink your illumination options.

In case you forgot, or maybe had no clue, we are Peter White Cycles dealers. We also partner with other Fredtastic suppliers like Compass Bicycles. What does it all mean? You can custom order a full on double rainbow selection of amazing books, great tyres, Rene Hearse parts, or even a SKF bottom bracket—because lord knows it’s time you finally got that! Sick!

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