Rapha Festive 500

We love not only the classic beauty and functionality of their well made apparel, but are even more into Rapha offering us all an incentive to keep riding through the Christmas holiday week with the Rapha Festive 500 challenge. The idea is to rack up 500k worth of cycling and possibly win some fine items and at the very least just win some bragging rights. You can track your progress on sites like Strava, MyGarmin, and the like. We would like to help any of you who want to participate by doing a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ride. I know most of us have family and friend obligations, but anyone who has the time and wants a riding mates is welcome to join us.

12|24|12  8:00 A.M. OCBC - 8:45 A.M. Spillway at WRL ~60-80 miles (Mesquite and Sunnyvale area)

Proposed route 

12|25|12 11:30 A.M. OCBC - 12:20 P.M. Spillway ~50 mile easier ride

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