With the gas light on in my car, I stopped at the Valero on Sylvan at I-30 and was stunned to pay $4.09 a gallon! Wow! At least buy me dinner before you bend me over. Since we all know gas boycotts don’t work, here’s a realistic alternative to combat rising fuel prices: buy a bike instead. Here. We’ll take three commuters we can special order and show you that it pays to pedal. The inspiration for this post came from Bike Rumor’s pic of the day.

All pricing is based on my $4.09 per gallon experience and the average gas tank being 20 gallons (range: Mini Cooper to a small SUV). 20 Gallons x $4.09 = $81.80. So let’s do the math:

6 fill-ups = $490.80. Or a Bianchi Milano Parco at $499.

5.5  fill-ups = $449.90. Or a Kona Dew at $429.

5.5  fill-ups = $449.90. Or a Torker T-300 at $449.

Don’t forget: To make commuting easier, every DART bus has a bike rack on the front and there’s bike spaces reserved on the light rail. Looking for a different bike? We have more styles in store or we can special order one from any of the brands we carry.